Monday, April 18, 2011

Fine Art Limited Edition Print Disclosure Laws


I have had several enquiries about Certificates of Authenticity (Provenance) for the fine art digital print industry. During my research for a lecture on fraud in the art world last year, I came across a legal article that summed up what should appear on a limited edition art piece, regardless of production method.

In fact there is quite a controversy among the traditional print artists and the new media and digital art community, which I will write about in my next Blog.


Fine Art Limited Edition Print Disclosure Laws

by Joshua Kaufman, esq. (e:mail ppfa at
Because there is no uniform model, we would suggest that a Certificate of Provenance should contain as much information as possible: the idea of which is to prevent fraud.  Although some states limit the Certificate of Provenance to limited editions, others require it for any image or art object that can be produced in multiples.
     * It should come from someone who has the authority to actually create a Certificate of Provenance —the artists, or the artist’s agent or publisher—and that should be stated on the Certificate of Provenance.
    * Samples of the Certificate of Provenance should be available prior to any sale.
    * A Certificate of Provenance should be provided for all sales of all art.
      The Certificate of Provenance should include:
    * Name of artist
    * If the Certificate of Provenance comes from someone other than the artist,
    * Who and what is the relationship.
    * Title
    * Description or photograph of print or object
    * Dimensions
    * Year printed
    * Year the original was created
    * Medium of the original
    * Medium of the print
    * Number of prints: signed/numbered
    * Number of proofs signed/numbered, 
    * Edition size
    * Re-strike edition?
    * Posthumous edition?
    * Status of artist’s signature
    * Edition is part of a series of editions: artist proof, press proof, transfer, etc.
    * Name and location of printer
    * Status of the plate or master: destroyed, on file, etc.

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