Monday, March 7, 2011

Burrard Bridge #2 - 11" x14" Acrylic on Canvas

12 tips on preparing your work for giclee reproduction.

1) Do not put a final varnish or glaze on you piece prior to having it reproduced.
2) Have your originals scanned or professionally photographed before you part with them. They are your legacy and may be valuable to you long after the original is sold and the money is gone. In fact, each piece of your art is copyright for your lifetime and is assignable to your heirs for 50 years after your death. Your art should play a part in your wills and estate planning.
3) Scan images at a minimum of 267 - 300 PPI up to 4 sq. feet. Larger images should be scanned or photographed at a minimum of 200 PPI.
4) Images that have metallic or reflective paint or glazes would be better turned into a film transparency first prior to final imaging. Flat bed scanning cannot reproduce the nuances without a
5) Don't sign original until you have it scanned or photographed.
6)Place an original signature and edition # on each giclee you produce.
7) Closed editions have a start number and a closing number an example is 18 /100. The first number indicates the print number, the second the length of the edition. An open edition doesn't have closing number, this makes them less valuable.
8) Artist are allowed 10% of editions to be produced as artist proofs. For example an edition of 5o prints would have 5 artist proofs. They can be used as promotional material by galleries. (Assumes balance of edition distributed to galleries.)
9) The First giclee artist proof #1/100 is considered by galleries as the original digital print. It is considered to be more valuable because, by traditional it is usually kept by the artist until death.
10) Artwork must be flat on scanner bed. To eliminate extra charges, remove matting and frame before delivering pieces for scanning or photography
11) Artwork can be printed on the edges of your canvas to cover the sides of your stretcher bars so no frame is necessary.
12) Enhance your Giclees to increase their value.

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